4wd Community Update

by Ted Sorensen
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Mr. Peter Gleeson Journalist of the Courier Mail has today (25 September, 2018) given the Premier and her Pinocchio Minister Mark Bailey, something to think about.

Please refer to my post here on the 28 August, 2018 for background.  What a mess.  The Queensland 4×4 community has been reeling from proposed ‘fake’ towing laws – that no one had heard about, to modification laws – that no one knew about either.  Bailey was talking about consultations before these ‘law changes’ although Industry people who were asking for a seat at the table were not allowed in the discussion.

The Minister decided to delve into a moving feast of deceit and innuendo around all things 4×4.  Premier Palaszczuk was reportedly gobsmacked by the blow back and realised very quickly, that putting the Grey Nomads and 4×4 enthusiasts offside, without any notice or consideration was never going to float.  Labor has been scrambling ever since the first report in the Courier mail on the 21 August.  Fraser Coast Chronicle reported that the ‘new tow laws’ would ‘hurt Coast caravanners’ also saying that Minister Bailey was blocking the Federal changes.    This was an epic fail from Minister Bailey, clear in its intention of dishonesty, which aimed to scare Queenslanders. There were no changes to the Federal laws.

Thanks to LNP’s Federal Member Andrew Laming for setting the record straight.   I must congratulate the Courier Mail for their steely position on this issue, a concern that was flagged to affect my electorate of Hervey Bay greatly.    As you will read from the history on my website, things are not what they seem and the government should never underestimate the determination of groups who know fake news when they see it.

The Government has now definitely applied the brakes on all things sketchy, to a screeching halt….  Good move.

So, the upshot of the Labor Governments scramble to higher ground,  is that hopefully soon, the Queensland 4×4 community can raise their vehicles, in accordance with other neighbouring states.    Therefore, begs this question?  Is the cheque in the mail for all of those who were booked on the Gold Coast?  Fraser Island is a big hero in the Electorate of Hervey Bay.  4WDing is an important part of the visit for those who regularly go over.  They invest an enormous amount of money into their vehicles, and deserve some respect.

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